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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

As a 2012 ISPA Conference & Expo Exhibitor and Sponsor, the most meaningful part of being at this year’s event was connecting with other like-minded people who are as passionate as we are about promoting a healthy lifestyle.  As a skin care company we, at HydroPeptide, really care about the health of everyone’s skin. To meet everyone all in one place and to be able to give clients and some of their staff facials was priceless. 

We were very proud to be Platinum sponsors at this year’s Conference.  We feel thankful to have had that opportunity to give back to such a prestigious and influential organization.  Our involvement with ISPA over the years has really helped put our company in the right places at the right times in that we were able to make the right industry contacts and implement and leverage the latest advancements.

Out of all of the keynote speakers, I personally loved Deborah Szekely’s presentation on the Mind during the Tuesday General Session.  The fact that she is 90 and still so energetic with a wonderful philosophy on wellness and staying active is truly inspiring.  When I was in college, I would hike up “the Y”, a very steep one-mile hike up in the mountains.  A lot of people were too intimidated by it to attempt hiking it.  One morning my roommate and I were hiking up “the Y” and as she stopped to take a break from huffing and puffing, an 80-something-year-old man passed us with other-worldly strength and ease.  When we reached the top, we were so impressed by him that we just had to compliment him.  He said he was raised during the pioneer days and that he attributes his health and youthfulness to completing the hike every morning.  He made such an impression on my life that being in Deborah’s presence conjured up the memory of this exceptional man and reminded me to strive to be like them as I grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

April Zangl – ISPA Member
CEO & co-formulator of HydroPeptide

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