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Thursday, November 8, 2012

ISPA 2012 Musings - Life From a 10x10

I wear the color green a lot. You could even probably say that I am a recovering hippie. Plus, I drive a green Prius and secretly daydream about getting another 1972 Citroen. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not an ‘organization’ person. I’m a free spirit. So no one is more surprised than yours truly, to have fallen in love with an organization called ISPA.

Especially while standing in a 10x10 corner booth.

This past ISPA was my 11th year attending or should I say “standing”? And with it, came both tradition (it just wouldn’t be ISPA if my OSEA booth wasn’t next to Body Coffee) and out-of-the-box spontaneity - that started with our new colorful backdrop for our booth. Inspired by Botticelli’s 1485 “Birth of Venus” painting, our interpretation was a bottle of OSEA Cleansing Milk, seemingly suspended over an azure-blue sea. And that's where it all started...

Effervescent Erin saw him first - a buff man walking around in swim trunks and spray tan - and enticed him into our booth. “Please, only for a quick photo”.

It was the photo that launched 1000 more - for as each of our friends, old and new, passed our booth, we waved them in and took their photo. Amazingly, everyone looked stunning, beautiful, alive. Venus obviously at work.

We continued to record. And while we took part in the inspiring sessions (for me, the standout was Jim Collins take on the joy of slow-growth), we couldn’t wait to return to our booth and greet our friends with a snap. Something about these photos, taken from a 10x10 booth, captured the true spirit and camaraderie that is ISPA....

Jenefer Palmer – ISPA Member
Chief Seaweed Officer, OSEA

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