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Thursday, November 1, 2012

What good is the ISPA Conference anyways?

Well, let me count the ways…
1.     I love seeing my baby-boomin spa friends looking even better this year, not older!
2.     I love that perfectionism is our goal, not our downfall
3.     I love that we cry when we see beauty before us
4.     I love seeing us practice what we preach
5.     I love that many of us believe what is meant to be, will be
6.     I love that the rest of us believe that we make happen, what happens
7.     I love how we welcome newbies and worship our legends
8.     I love that we’re more comfortable, wearing more comfortable shoes
9.     I love that we’ll still devour a “treat”, in this case, a potato smothered in cheese sauce
10.  I love that we continue to search for ways to prove our absolute dedication to SPA.
From the emotionally charged General Sessions, to the Business Development Sessions where presenters actually changed my opinions; two really stood out for me...
1.  Tanya Chernova: Finding the root cause of our spa retail problem
What staff may be saying to themselves: “If she didn’t want to buy during her last visit, she’ll never want to buy”.  This first rejection clogged the filter.
What Managers may be saying to themselves: "Our staff don't sell, they're uncommitted and useless".  Their filter is clogged too.
What happens: The spa's culture becomes what everyone believes it to be and the team's inabilities begin to physically manifest themselves.
What to do: Uncover staff and management beliefs that are sabotaging sales; determine what created those beliefs; work to turn those saboteurs into more positive thought processes.
The result: These team survival techniques, become business revival solutions.

2.  Dr. Bryan Williams - Innovate: 6 minute sessions with spa peers
Dr. Williams fired 6 points in 6 minutes at us, to help inspire our staff to greatness, with pride and purpose.
1.       Show me a compelling vision - If I know where we're going, I will help
2.      Show me an articulated mission - I want to be proud of our team and company
3.      Show me the alignment between the two - Where do I fit, so I can help fulfill them?
4.      Show me our greater purpose - How can we improve community & people's lives?
5.      Learn my personal and professional goals - Challenge me to achieve them
6.      Provide me with uncompromised leadership - Expect excellence from me.

Leslie Lyon - ISPA Member
President of Spas2b Inc.

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