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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monitoring Guest Satisfaction

In the spa industry, like in any service-oriented business, guest satisfaction is a huge concern – without them, we wouldn’t have a company! In order to monitor our guests’ experiences and make sure that every step of their visit from beginning to end exceeds expectations, we have a series of procedures in place for all of our Woodhouse Day Spa locations.

Our online concierge service, Demandforce, offers guests a survey after every visit, where spa-goers can critique their experience honestly and let us know what we’re doing well, as well as what we could improve on. Similarly, we provide guests with comment cards, and issues are addressed through our Voices feedback program. Gathering these responses allows us to make positive changes on an individual and company-wide level to ensure we’re always providing the best treatment available. In fact, our current rate for exceeding expectations is 99 percent.

We also use Venuelabs (formerly Valuevine) as a centralized social media system, which allows us to monitor activity for all spas in one central location. That way, we know all comments and concerns are addressed and content remains consistent across the franchise. To monitor our external presence, we carefully track media outlets and internet activity using Google Alerts. We also have ‘secret shoppers’ visit each location randomly to ensure a consistently positive guest experience.

All in all, monitoring guest satisfaction levels is one of the most important duties a spa owner can do to ensure a successful business. By openly asking your guests for their honest feedback and showing that you are willing to take their opinions into consideration to make lasting improvements, you’ll ensure that they stay loyal for the long term – and refer their friends, too!

Jeni Garrett – ISPA Member
Founder – The Woodhouse Day Spa


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