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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Look at Today’s ISPA Spa Member

What’s the average ISPA spa member look like? Results from the May 2014 ISPA Snapshot Survey provide a glimpse at this niche member type.

Ready? Here we go: 83 percent of ISPA spa members are females with high to moderate stress levels. These busy bees work on average 52 hours per week. In addition to their standard roles and responsibilities, on average they spend about nine hours in meetings and 6.1 hours on social media each week. On top of that, they spend 3.8 hours reviewing and/or responding to emails every day.  

Ninety-nine percent of ISPA spa members hold a manager level position or higher within their company. Decision-making authority is highly prevalent among all ISPA member types. This is one of the characteristics that makes ISPA such a unique spa industry community. Members don’t just peruse the latest products in Pulse or on the Expo floor, they make purchasing and marketing decisions for their company. Ninety-eight percent of spa members either make or influence retail purchases and 97 percent impact their brand’s marketing strategy.

For more insights into the look at today’s ISPA spa members such as job satisfaction levels and licenses and certifications, check out the full results report from the May 2014 Snapshot Survey.

ISPA members who participate in monthly Snapshot Surveys have access to the full results report. Non-participating members can purchase their own copy of past results reports by logging into the ISPA Shopping Cart. Not a member, but want to start participating in Snapshot Surveys and receiving the valuable results? Contact ISPA today to learn more about membership.  

“ISPA Spa Members,” referred to within the May 2014 ISPA Snapshot Survey report, include data from all spa respondents (day, resort/hotel, medical, destination spas, corporate spa headquarters and spas under development). “ISPA Non-spa Members,” referred to within this report, include data from all resource partners, educators and travel agent members.

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