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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Six Ways to Inspire Your Team

One of the goals at the 2012 ISPA Conference was to offer Professional Development Sessions that not only educated the attendees, but also challenged them to think deeper about creating memorable experiences for their staff and guests. One such session was called “Innovate”, which was a panel of spa professionals who were kind enough to share a significant best practice from their respective spas that could be benchmarked by those in attendance.

As the moderator of the panel, I was honored to go first and share Six Ways to Inspire Your Team at Work:
1.   Everyone wants to work for a leader, a team and a company that not just motivates, but inspires them. Having a clear vision of what success looks like in the future is inspirational.
2.   Having a clearly articulated mission that describes what the team does, how it does it, who it does it for, and why they do it is inspirational.
3.   Aligning each person’s job success to how well they help fulfill the vision and mission is inspirational.
4.   Helping your staff see the connection between the spa and how it connects to a greater purpose to improve society is inspirational.
5.   Learning each of your employee’s personal and professional goals, then helping them achieve those goals is inspirational.
6.   Finally, being a leader who does not compromise the standards, vision, or mission and holds the team accountable for excellence is inspirational.

One of my mentors once said that there are four ways to improve an organization: 1) capital investment; 2) luck; 3) capital investment AND luck; 4) continuous improvement. The Japanese term, Kaizen, means to have continuous, incremental improvement over time. This essentially means that next month, your team should be better than it was this month and next year, your team should be better than it was this year. Seeking and sharing best practices is one of the most effective ways to facilitate improvement on your team. Being able to share my best practices with attendees was a gratifying experience.  Whether it was my best practices or those of the other eight Innovate speakers that resonated with you, I encourage you to take these best practices, share them with your team, and implement the one(s) that will help your team reach its strategic goals. Your spa, your guests and your team will all benefit because of it.

Dr. Bryan K. Williams – 2012 ISPA Conference & Expo Speaker
Chief Service Officer of B.Williams Enterprise, LLC 

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