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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fully Engaged

I’ve been a member of ISPA since August 2011, and I clearly remember receiving my first member email with the headline “Welcome to the ISPA Family!”  I was so excited to finally be a part of a professional organization dedicated to the industry I was so passionate about – an industry in which I was determined to make a life-long career for myself.  I had been coveting a membership for some time, so once I was in I was determined to become engaged with everything the association had to offer.
My first step to becoming an engaged member was simple – I logged onto the website. I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the resources suddenly available to me.  I could have spent days combing through all of the information offered, but I started out small by navigating around the site and taking note of each subject covered.  I knew my busy schedule wouldn’t allow me the time to read everything right away, but I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to consult the site since! When I have a question about industry benchmarks, guest relations or promotional ideas my first stop is the ISPA website.
One of my favorite resources is the monthly Snapshot Survey, because it’s an easy way to contribute to something exceptionally meaningful.  Once the email hits my inbox, I set aside 10 minutes (truly that’s all it takes) to complete the survey.  The results have been so helpful in running my operation, and I love that it offers the most up-to-date information on the hottest industry topics.
I can’t sign off without mentioning Conference, which I have attended for the past two years.  I see this time as an opportunity to not only catch up with other industry professionals, but to focus on my own professional development.  Prior to arriving, I review my Pulse Magazine Conference Preview issue to plan which Professional Development Sessions I will attend. Every year I take away something meaningful from the sessions and bring it back to my team. This year it was the importance of quiet reflection – not only on our professional performance and contributions but also on our personal well-being and happiness.   At this year’s Conference, in the spirit of continuing my own personal development, I took the Certified Spa Supervisor exam, and I’m now proud to say that I can use the CSS designation in my signature. I plan to keep the momentum going by taking the online Retail Management for Spas and Risk Management for Spas courses this winter.
The best thing about ISPA is no matter how much you contribute, you always get something rewarding in return.  But, take it from me that it’s so much better to be a fully engaged member. 

Melissa Wyman, CSS – ISPA Member
General Manager, Red Door Spa - Chevy Chase

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