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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Member by Default, Engaged by Choice

When I first joined ISPA 11 years ago, I was a very passive member.  I attended Conferences, viewed the website and signed up for one or two webinars.  I did not see the relevance of ISPA and thought it was more of a social club for a select few.  It was not until I needed to present a report to my executive team on current and future spa trends, that I truly understood how relevant and important ISPA was to me and to the industry. Slowly I began to explore the depths of the various categories on the website. For years I struggled to find data and traveled across the city to attend spa classes and to my amazement, all along it was right there at my fingertips. The wealth of information available to the members is amazing.  From the educational resources to the media outlets, it is all just one click away.

I continued being engaged by opening the emails I received from ISPA and I started participating in the monthly Snapshot Surveys and webinars. Both of these resources have been extremely vital to me. They provide important data from peers on certain trends and aspects of the spa industry and some of the information has assisted me in developing programs. The more I participate, the more knowledge and information I gain.

By further exploring ISPA, I discovered that there were committees in which I could participate.  Since I love to talk and enjoy reaching out to other spa professionals, and people in general, I took the leap and applied to be on an ISPA Task Force. I could not believe that I was accepted and then I found myself immersed with other ISPA members.  Friendships were formed and bonds were developed.  Equally important, I was able to give a voice and help move ISPA in the future.  I also learned that ISPA was not just this social club for a select few.  I found myself involved in the annual Conferences, not just attending them. I also signed up for ISPA SmartBrief and SmartBrief for Leaders and they are extremely useful and relevant.

I continue to share my excitement and my personal experience with others that I meet and they are amazed to hear that I was once a passive ISPA Member.  If you were like me many years ago and you are a member by default (your company purchased a Premiere Membership), I challenge you to take a leap and start becoming engaged.  In order to fully gain the most out of ISPA, you must fully engage yourself in the many avenues it has to offer to you.

Ken Lee – ISPA Membership Task Force co-Chair
Spa Director, Kelly’s Spa at The Mission Inn

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