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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To Be or Not to Be a Certified Spa Supervisor?

Does being a Certified Spa Supervisor give you a competitive edge? Why is it important to earn the CSS Certification? ISPA asked its members these questions and more to see what spa professionals think about the Certified Spa Supervisor program. Find out the answers in this Q & A with founding CSS task force member Stephanie Doud, and see why she chose to earn the CSS Certification and how it has benefited her career.

Why did you choose to become CSS certified?
I chose to become CSS certified for two reasons: One, because I was on the CSS task force and worked with other committee members to create the CSS manuals, and therefore I really wanted to go through the entire process, from creation of the program to the end, taking the exam. The second reason was that I really wanted to go through the certification program to expand my knowledge in spa management.

Why do you think it is important to earn the CSS designation?
I feel that earning this certification is a great addition to anyone’s tool kit for spa management. The study workbooks provide real life scenarios that one can relate to and learn from. The designation is also a great addition to one’s resume as well because it shows one’s determination to seek continued education and growth within the industry.

When hiring new employees for the spa, do you take into consideration whether or not an applicant is a Certified Spa Supervisor?
Of course I do, especially since I am a Certified Spa Supervisor as well.
How has being CSS certified benefited your career/professional life?
I include my CSS Certification in my list of personal accomplishments in my resume, and it has made for great talking points in interviews.

Do you think having the CSS designation gives you a competitive edge or sets you apart from others in the industry?
I feel that earning the CSS Certification sets you apart from others in the industry because there has not been a huge number of individuals that have earned this designation yet. For me, taking this exam was not something that was required by upper management, rather it was a personal accomplishment that I wished to complete on my own, and I am very proud that I did it.

Stephanie Doud, CSS – ISPA Member
Director of Spa, Salon & Pool Operations at The Mirage Spa

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