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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Will You Take Away from the 2013 Masters Session?

What are the needs and values of consumers who live in a rural area versus those that live in a metropolitan area? How do the purchasing habits of a 20 year old differ from that of a baby boomer’s? These questions and more are important to consider when you are trying to market to diverse consumers.

This year, during the 2013 ISPA Conference & Expo, Kelly McDonald, author of “How to Market to People Not Like You,” will lead the Sunday Masters Session. In her two-hour session she will share marketing insights and teach strategies and tactics for cultivating diverse consumers emotionally, rationally and with cultural relevance.

Find out more about what you’ll learn during this pre-Conference session by watching the below preview video which highlights some of the key insights in McDonald’s Masters Session.

To purchase your Masters Session ticket, (not included with a 2013 ISPA Conference registration,) please visit the ISPA store.

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