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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What do You Know that I Don't Know?

During conversations with people who hold leadership positions, I often think, “What do you know that I don’t know?” This question always has me asking questions, observing behaviors and seeking opportunities to be enlightened. My passion is health and wellness, which has led me to the spa world where we create environments conducive to supporting individuals’ personal growth. Although I hold degrees and certifications in health and fitness, I had no skills directly related to spa operations. Then I found ISPA – a group of individuals who share my passion for Spa and for creating excellence through sharing, communication, and the Certified Spa Supervisor Certification Program (CSS).  

The CSS Certification ended up being more than just a spa course: it is the foundational knowledge for supervisors and managers. The course workbooks highlight the most important issues a supervisor or manager will face in any business, as well as effective strategies to overcome obstacles.  This course allowed me a structured opportunity to think through the situations that challenge us daily with workbooks such as Effective Communication, Time Management, Leadership, You as a Supervisor, Handling Problems and Conflict, Conducting Orientation and Training, Motivating and Team Building, Staffing and Scheduling, and Improving Employee Performance. 

I am thankful to have earned this designation, and regular review of the course books helps me to be a better leader. I am currently using this certification course to support me in engaging in enhanced, robust conversations with my management team. Everything I want to talk about with them, and the skills I would like for all of us to foster, are contained in these workbooks in a format that allows us to have deep conversations that translate to excellence on the floor. 

Being a Certified Spa Supervisor gives me the sense of satisfaction that I “know what you know.” This course also allows me the opportunity to review key concepts, stay sharp and create a positive atmosphere conducive to excellence. I highly respect my peers who have chosen to become CSS certified, as I know we all understand the same foundational concepts, work toward the greater good of our industry and show respect for those who work for us through our higher learning. A resume with the CSS designation would definitely make its way to the top of my pile.

Todd Shaw, CSS – ISPA Member
Director of Fitness, Tennis & Spa at The Club at Las Campanas, Inc.

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