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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why Be a Certified Spa Supervisor?

When I entered the spa industry, becoming a Certified Spa Supervisor was an important first step for me to take so that I could feel confident managing and leading my team. I took the CSS exam in the fall of 2012, and the certification has since been beneficial to me in my role as a spa manager because of the professional resources and education it offers. From proven policies and procedures to industry background, I learned a lot through the course of the program, and my team benefited as well. 

My advice to my fellow spa peers who wish to earn the CSS Certification would be to start studying early, relax and talk with a current Certified Spa Supervisor prior to taking the exam! Barb Reffitt, spa manager at the Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri, encouraged me to become certified and discussed the value of the program with our executive team. She also provided an overview of the program and helped me relax before taking the exam.

There was a lot of information to review, but the ISPA staff are very helpful. I started studying about three months in advance so that I would feel prepared for the certification exam. The Supervisory Skill Builders Workbooks that I used to study provided day-to-day scenarios which helped me to adequately prepare for handling real-life situations that arise in the spa.

I believe that the CSS Certification has given Spa Harmony a competitive edge and sets us apart from others in the industry. There is so much constructive information that I continue to learn each day. I believe it is important to continuously grow in your role so that you can develop and mentor your spa team. Our team and our clients have really enjoyed the changes we have made, and we’ve seen a positive trend in our revenue as well because of the new resources we have at hand. It is truly a pleasure to be part of ISPA, and I wish my spa peers the best of luck! 

Brenda Young, CSS – ISPA Member
Spa Business Manager at Spa Harmony

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