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Monday, October 14, 2013

Packing 101 for the ISPA Conference & Expo

Headed to the ISPA Conference & Expo this October? Check out ISPA’s list of must-pack items and don’t leave home without ‘em!

• Comfortable shoes – Sure, those stilettos are cute…but you may be regretting them half way through the day when your feet, legs and back are sore. ISPA Side Tip # 1: Mandalay Bay is an enormous property and  those walks from your hotel room to the convention center – and everywhere in between – can add up to quite a few miles each day.

• Warm attire – Areas such as the General Session or professional development session rooms are known to be a little chilly. Be sure to pack a sweater or shawl to throw on just in case the A/C temperature is a little lower than your liking. 

• Workout gear – Whether you attend ISPA’s early morning Greet the Days or hit up the on-site gym on your own time, pack some workout attire. Be active and get moving. 

• Extra space – Okay, you can’t actually “pack” extra space – but leave room in your suitcase to bring back all the great products you’ll acquire at Conference. ISPA Side Tip #2: Do not pack products in your carry-on bags; they may not make it past airport security on the way back home.  

• Vitamins – Don’t forget your vitamins, energy supplements, etc. Long days combined with traveling and possible jetlag can wear down your immune system. Stay healthy! 

• Business cards…and plenty of them! You’ll likely be dealing out your business cards all week to prospective business partners, so bring twice as many cards as you think you’ll need. 

What’s your must-have item when traveling to an ISPA Conference? Share it with your spa peers here on the ISPA Blog!

Questions, concerns? Contact ISPA – we’ll help you get ready. 

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