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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Prepare like a Pro for the ISPA Expo

Whether it’s your first ISPA Conference or tenth, you never want to be in the middle of the Expo floor and realize you’re down to your last business card, your pen ran out of ink or a blister is forming after wearing those cute high heels all day. 

Upon arrival, you’ll receive an official event tote bag that you’ll most likely carry with you throughout Conference. Here’s a few “must-haves” to pack along with you in your bag while you’re on the Expo floor. 

Ample amounts of business cards. Pack double the amount that you think you’ll need. The last thing you want to happen is running out of business cards when you’re trying to exchange info with a potential business partner. 

Essential business resources such as extra pens, notepads and a calculator for quick math.

The ISPA Conference Guide & Expo Floor Map. Keep these two items permanently attached to your hip for the week.  You never know when you’ll need to double check the start time of an education session or glance over the maps to navigate the property. 

A granola bar and bottle of water. Daily Morning Refreshers and Energy Breaks will be provided, but have a light snack and drink packed with you for those in between times when your stomach starts to grumble. 

Stash a few Band-Aids in your bag just in case those adorable shoes you have on start rubbing your feet the wrong way.   

Have a drawn out plan for navigating the Expo floor. Know which booths are a must-see, have a list of basic product questions to ask each prospective exhibitor and keep a pre-made “shopping list” on hand, that way you make purchasing decisions that meet your spa’s needs. 

Pocket money. Baristas and wet bars will be located near the ISPA Resource Center on the Expo floor. Keep a few dollars with you in case you need a refreshment. Bring your I.D. as well – You’ll need it for the wet bar during Tuesday night’s Auction plus to get into the Farewell Party at LIGHT Nightclub. 

Lip balm – The dry desert air will suck the moisture right out of you. Avoid chapped lips and itchy, dry hands – keep a tube of chapstick and some hand lotion within reach. 

What are some of your must-have items for when you're on the ISPA Expo floor? Share them here with your peers! 

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