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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Growing at the 2013 ISPA Conference & Expo

“Amalgamate,” a word used by incoming ISPA Chairman, Michael Tompkins, is a perfect representation of Tuska’s Conference experience.  As a first-time exhibitor at the 2013 ISPA Conference & Expo, Tuska was honored to be invited to introduce ourselves to this established, gracious and highly professional community.  We quickly discovered that Tuska and ISPA leaders shared valuable common ground in our genuine dedication to our respective missions: to promote healing and wellness.

Walking around the Expo floor was intimidating—seeing all of the products, services and support in the spa industry made us wonder if we really belong in ISPA. We really are different! We recognized that we were introducing something new to the industry, and that our mission was to overcome the hurdles of newness and difference.

Tuska, which was founded by an educator who inspired the human condition through art, understands that developing relationships through ISPA’s global presence can help us reach our mutual goals to inspire health and wellness. Sharing our Conference story will hopefully generate the conversations we shared and continue to seek in developing business relationships with spa owners, decision makers, other resource partners and contributing foundations.

Thank you to ISPA President Lynne McNees and her staff in extending a resource partner membership to us with all of its benefits. We feel, by believing in what we are all about, we have the ability to grow our business, make industry connections, and gain the knowledge of how to do it better next time.  

As Tuska said, “The doors that open, the visions that evolve, are not final, but merely layers that open into future possibilities.”  Mission accomplished.  Thank you to all who shared with Jason and me, and we look forward to continuing the conversations. A special thanks to Ruth Stricker, founder of The Marsh, for her thoughts and inspirations.  For those we did not meet while on-site at Conference, we welcome future consideration in sharing your spa experience.

Seth D. Tuska
Tuska Legacy Director

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