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Monday, December 16, 2013

Greening Your Spa's Sanitation Program

Are you looking for new avenues for your spa’s sanitation program? There are numerous products in the market to choose from. With more and more consumers valuing businesses with environmentally-friendly practices, it’s important to consider using products that are healthier for your spa guests and the environment. Read below to find out how one ISPA member is offering a green cleaning solution. 

I am often asked, “Why is green/chemical-free cleaning so important to spa operations?” The primary reason is that, historically, the spa industry is health-based and natural in its objectives to provide a safe environment for its spa clients. The use of chemicals in closed quarters such as a spa is undesirable for many guests.  For the safety of your spa’s employees and guests, it is important to trend away from harsh cleaning agents containing bleach and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  The most important task of Environmental Services and Operations should be to clean your property safely, naturally and as chemically-free as possible. 

One of the newest cleaning technologies available on the market is the ability to produce Aqueous Ozone (O3). O3 is a highly reactive oxidizer that is produced naturally when electrical energy reacts with water (O2). This natural process causes a restructuring of the O2 molecule into an O3 (Ozone) molecule. Aqueous Ozone, commonly known as ‘rain,’ is what cleans and sanitizes the earth. O3 is the reason for the fresh and clean feel and smell after a rainstorm. It is the earth’s natural sanitizer and cleaner. O3 leaves no residues, has no odor and is 100 percent natural and safe to use on all surfaces for sanitation and cleaning. O3 reacts 3,000 times faster and is 50 percent more powerful than bleach, yet it is safe to use on a baby’s chew toys. 

This new technology can be installed and implemented throughout a spa property easily and efficiently. The applications for Aqueous Ozone use continue to be defined. Some applications include, but are not limited to, glass, mirrors, grout, porcelain, door knobs, treatment rooms, massage tables, counter tops, chairs, carpet, tile, showers, food prep areas and fabric. When sprayed on a surface, O3 kills bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungus and protozoans. Organic material cannot survive in Aqueous Ozone. 

O3 provides the most natural way to sanitize and clean surfaces without negative implications for plants and animals. Because O3 has no odor, the spa is free of any off-putting scents or fumes that regular cleaning products leave behind. By switching to O3, you can reduce your spa’s chemical use by 60-70 percent. This not only makes a positive impact on your company and guest experience, but also reduces the amount of harmful chemicals cleaning products can release into the environment. One bottle of O3 can replace four to five bottles of chemical cleaners. What’s better? By adopting a chemical-free cleaning program, you create a new way to differentiate and market your company. 

Art Pichierri


  1. Great and informative article. The arrival of aqueous ozone technology will be a great boon to spa sanitation. If it kills bacteria, fungi etc when sprayed as you told, it can make a great change. I used to buy spa chemicals from BuyFactoryDirect but it help me to clean well. Now I hope that aqueous ozone will have much more effect.

  2. @annonymous,
    Much research has been done re: Aqueous Ozone (O3). As a powerful oxidizer that is produced upon demand via an Aqueous Ozone generator, it immediately begins dismantling bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, mildew etc. at the molecular level upon contact. Due to its safety, and ability to destroy pathogens without safety concerns, it is even being used in post operative dental surgery. The medical applications for use have yet to be discovered. In the past it has been used to sanitize our food and water. Only recently due to miniaturization of the equipment has it become accessible for those seeking "chemical free" sanitation and cleaning. Many industries are implementing the technology including Hotel Casino Resorts and Spas, college campuses, major league sports franchises, upscale spa properties just to name a few. O3 leaves no residue so that streaking of surfaces or bio-residues become non-existent. It is 100% natural and highly affordable. As a bonus for accounting, O3 costs 60-70% less than chemicals. This savings can be applied directly to your own system. We hope to help as many properties acquire their own devices so they can take advantage of this 'new' transition away from chemicals in favor of this amazing technology.