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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recognizing Innovation - Part One

The Jan/Feb issue of Pulse magazine features popular innovations for 2014. To take this month’s editorial theme one step further, ISPA would like to spotlight nine current members on the ISPA Blog who received ISPA Innovate Honorable Mentions in 2013. ISPA would like to congratulate as well as thank these spa professionals for sharing their ideas with the ISPA community. See which individuals came up with innovative strategies, products and business ideas to better their company in the New Year. 

Danny Silva – Executive Spa Director, Glen Ivy

Spa Property Sanitation Program
This year, Glen Ivy upgraded its sanitation program by replacing the Eco Lab chemicals used to clean the property with Aqueous Ozone, a 100 percent natural, high-capacity, chemical-free cleaning system. “With over 160,000 guests a year coming to our property and using our 19 outdoor pools, I knew it was important to increase the scope of how we clean,” says Danny Silva. To support the new sanitation efforts, testing is done regularly to ensure all drinking water, pools, floors and commonly touched surfaces are cleaned. With regards to the new cleaning implementation, Silva says, “Our property is cleaner to a degree that we can guarantee.” 
Laura Parsons – Complex Director of ZaSpa, Hotel ZaZa
Menu Engineering & Development
ZaSpa at Hotel ZaZa keeps guests engaged by taking a unique branding approach with the spa menu. “Menu Engineering can elevate the guest experience, keep staff members and therapists engaged and provide consistently fresh material for social media marketing,” states Complex Director Laura Parsons. Recently, the spa team created a core menu themed around the property’s guest rooms, and then branched out to include other fun, fresh treatments. Parsons adds that, “the core idea was to create treatments with different products and experiences while keeping the protocols consistent. This way, we keep our therapists engaged, but not stressed by continually changing protocols, and our guests always want to see what’s new.” 

Michelle Marez – Sales Enlightenment, Sencha Naturals
Completing the Wellness Experience
Sencha Naturals’ line of Green Tea + C effervescent drink mix for immune support offers spa guests a unique facet to their overall wellness experience at the spa. Michelle Marez, sales enlightenment, shares that, “there is more to offer spa guests than cucumber water and hot tea. Green Tea + C adds to the complete spa experience of wellness.” The antioxidant rich blend of whole leaf green tea fuels the body, boosts immunity, detoxifies while replenishing electrolytes and prebiotics and is the perfect accompaniment to any spa treatment or service. 

Paul Heslop – Owner, Salt of the Earth 
The “Front Bar” Approach to Client Customization
Salt of the Earth takes client customization to the next level with the creation of the Blend Bar Mix Station. This unique offering enables spas and their guests to uniquely hand-blend custom body lotions and scrubs for treatment use, retail take home and spa events. Paul Heslop, owner and creator, states, “It [the Blend Bar] has enabled us and our spa partners to create a new experience category for spa-goers where they are involved in the selection and creation of the products being used on them.” 

Peter Friis – CEO, Essio Shower
Elevating the Everyday Shower Experience
Essio elevates the everyday shower experience with the first-ever essential oil aromatherapy device. Easily attachable to virtually any shower setup, the disposable pods slowly release organic oil for an aromatic effect that leaves the mind relaxed, the body refreshed and the skin softer.  “According to our research, spa showers are often one of the lowest rated features of a spa as reported in customer satisfaction surveys,” says Peter Friis, CEO. “Our new aromatherapy shower system allows spas to extend the therapeutic experience beyond the treatment room and into the shower itself and transform the shower into a positive experience for the customer.”

Stay tuned for Part Two of Recognizing Innovation to learn even more innovative strategies, products and business ideas from ISPA members.   


  1. Thank you for recognizing our Blend Bar Mix Station as an area of innovation! The other vendors and spa directors did a fabulous job as well in their innovations.

    1. You are welcome, Paul! Thank you for sharing your innovation with the spa industry!