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Monday, January 13, 2014

Recognizing Innovation - Part Two

We’ve covered the first round of innovations from 2013 and now it’s time to recognize the remaining ISPA members who received ISPA Innovate Honorable Mentions this past year. Check out which individuals came up with innovative strategies, products and business ideas to better their company in Part Two of Recognizing Innovation.

Seth Tuska – Legacy Director, Tuska
Bringing the Arts to the Spa 
Bringing the arts to the spa is a unique way to elevate the spa experience and share the message of promoting healing and wellness. “The benefit of providing your clients with the arts is that it builds a unique experience. It makes a statement of authenticity,” states Seth Tuska, Legacy Director. “The quality of the experience is heighted by taking the mind off troubles and encouraging a connection with the spiritual.” By adding the arts to your spa, you create a story for your brand and offer a client experience that sets you above the rest. 

Viviana Quesada Jimenez – Spa Director, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus
Buying Local to Brand Your Spa 
For many companies, supporting local businesses offers an opportunity to distinctively brand your own business. “Our guests are looking to have that ‘local connection,’” states Spa Director Viviana Quesdada Jimenez. “They are looking to experience the culture of each place [they visit] and we need to find creative and exclusive ideas to provide that unique experience to them.” The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus was able to create an emotional connection between the spa guest and the local culture by offering locally sourced jewelry inspired by the spa’s atmosphere. 

Benjamin Nissanoff – CEO ME! Bath & wHet
Elevating a Standard Salon Service
ME! Bath launched a menu system that takes everyday salon services such as manis and pedis and turns them into unique spa experiences. By differentiating them with a high-end touch that is relative to the spa’s brand and locale, such as a specialty beverage, chocolate or food item, guests are encouraged to spend a premium for a service that is often overlooked.  CEO, Benjamin Nissanoff says, “Our team works directly with the spa to create a ‘pairing’ unique to their location. Since each pairing and menu is customized, we are able to have our product in numerous spas and still offer a completely unique treatment.” 

Jill Dunk – co-Founder, Mama Mio
Creating a Niche in the Skin Care Market
Mama Mio created the CEU Accredited Mama Mio Pregnancy Spa Program that offers spas a solution for attracting, retaining and treating pregnant clients with back bar, protocols and marketing and retail strategies. The turn-key Pregnancy Spa Program enables spas to increase revenues to the pregnant guest.  Co-Founder Jill Dunk states, “The CEU Accredited Mama Mio Pregnancy Spa Program has given us a level of credibility and expertise among the spa community as well as the spa consumer. We hope this innovation will inspire others to differentiate their products with a unique offering to become the pioneer in their own category.” 

Do you have an innovative strategy, product or business idea that you would like to share with the ISPA community? Stay tuned for more information regarding ISPA's 2014 Innovate Awards. 

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