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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From Concept to Final Product - Noel Asmar Signature Collection Bowls

ISPA asked its members what was new at their company in 2013.  Noel Asmar shared her idea behind the inception of the brand’s new Signature Collection manicure & pedicure bowls, why she decided to take her style beyond hotel/spa fashion and how the bowls embrace her concept to “spa-anywhere.”
I have always been somewhat fascinated with how the body moves, with what seems natural and effortless for us as humans. I am a social person, the person that loves to throw a party and take care of all the tiny details that make it so special for others. I get satisfaction from creating something nice for others so they can enjoy life – I am a big believer in living life to the fullest and sometimes this means simply changing the way we do things, finding solutions to make the everyday just a bit easier/nicer. This is the underlying concept behind the Noel Asmar Uniforms – they are made for the way you move.

I am also a strong believer in the idea of spa-ing as a great method of renewal – it’s great for the mind and body. When I get treatments and see others having treatments, I watch the process simply out of curiosity. This led to the design of our new Signature Collection of pedicure/manicure bowls and treatment dishes.

The manicure bowls are designed so that the hand of the person receiving the treatment lay in its natural position. This means the experience is effortless for clients as they do not have to hold their arm up. In turn, it’s easier for the treatment provider. The pedicure bowls are lightweight and the footrest provides a natural resting position for the foot – and for products.

The concept to ‘spa anywhere’ comes out of my desire to create nice settings and situations for people. While going to a spa is great, sometimes it’s nice to spa at home, or by the pool, or in your hotel room…maybe outside with friends. I see this as a growing trend. For hotels, the bowl collection provides extra stations when need be, they are nice for ice towels, water bottles and other needs. For spas, they lend a hand to branding and décor with the colors and style.

With the launch of the Signature Collection bowls, my hope is to make renewal and relaxation effortless and natural for all - anywhere.

Noel Asmar- ISPA Member
CEO, Noel Asmar Group of Companies

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