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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I LOVE most about ISPA

I was very young in the business when I first became enamored with ISPA.  I think the year was 1995 and as my spa director went off each year to the ISPA Conference, I made it a goal of mine to become a spa director one day and an ISPA member.  I knew that ISPA and its resources, experience and knowledge would help guide me in my career.

I attended my first ISPA Conference in 2003.  At that time I was a young Spa Director at the Cliff House Resort and Spa in Maine.  It was at this Conference that I found excitement, camaraderie and invaluable education.  Oh boy, I never looked back and have been in love with ISPA ever since. 

As my love for ISPA continued to grow, I began lobbying to be on a committee!  I have served on the Marketing, Technology, Implementation and Speaker Selection Committee/Task Force.  I was a co-chair for several years!  Through my committee work I learned the many finer points of ISPA as the voice of our industry and the spa industry as a whole. 

For three consecutive years I participated in the ISPA Media Event with the Cliff House Resort.  What an opportunity!  I was honored to present our seaside resort in Maine to the world of mainstream media!  The ISPA Media Event proved to pay for itself tenfold! 

Now 10 years after my first ISPA Conference I still rely on the guidance, experience and knowledge ISPA offers its members.  I have always made it a priority to continue my membership and as I went from the world of a spa director to starting my own consulting business, my ISPA membership has always been one of my lifelines. 

Because of ISPA’s support, I am passionate about giving back to a community that has given me so much and has so generously supported my growth in the industry.  I have dedicated my career to providing tools, resources and education to the spa industry.  The valuable educational tools offered by ISPA are needed and relevant even more today to help educate the future leaders of our industry. 

Simply, I love everything about ISPA. 

Julie Pankey – ISPA Member
Managing Partner of JMPankey Partners

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