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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why I LOVE being part of the ISPA community

Hands down, the friendships, networking, and knowledge sharing are the greatest benefits of joining ISPA.  Whatever challenge I face, I can always share with my colleagues and find a solution.  The depth of knowledge in the membership and the educational resources of ISPA make it the most valuable spa family one could want.
Equally valuable is the opportunity to PARTICIPATE in the future of our industry.  ISPA offers so many opportunities to join with colleagues on various committees and task forces – often for just a few hours per month – and make a huge difference to others. I’ve enjoyed participating on task forces, committees, panels and even the board and have found that we really CAN make a difference in our daily work.  I will never forget the fun and creativity that flowed from our Marketing Committee meetings back five years ago… Bet you didn’t know that “ISPA, DO YOU?” came from our team trying to come up with a great tag line for a campaign while at an annual ISPA Conference... Thank you Wanda Love for that gem!!!  

When I heard about the opportunity to participate on the Project INFUSE panel at the 2012 ISPA Conference & Expo, I floated an idea of how Spa Gregorie’s is using social media to benefit our business, and I ended up being able to share it with other spa professionals at this past year’s Conference. 

I love the work that we do and love coming up with new and improved ways to run our business and serve our guests.  I cannot imagine doing it without the support of the friends I’ve made through ISPA or the resources available through the association.  I also LOVE that I have been able to help shape the direction of our vital industry (YOU CAN TOO!!)

Angela Cortright
Owner - Spa Gregorie’s