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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I LOVE most about being a part of the ISPA community

When I purchased Salt of the Earth in 2008, I had never stepped foot in a spa, never been to a
beauty industry trade show, and had yet to experience any type of spa treatment. As a 22 year
old at the time I needed a baptism of sort in all things spa. Joining ISPA right off the bat was one
of those decisions that I now look back on, five years later, as being a very important moment in my career. With no prior experience, ISPA and all of the resources it provides, gave me a
standard in which I felt like my business had to be at, in order to compete in this industry. Many
of the things that set my company on the right track came from attending & downloading the recordings from Conference Professional Development Sessions.

Relevant industry studies, useful spa statistics, an educational monthly Pulse read, and the
annual ISPA Conference are all things that I really enjoy and benefit as my membership continues to renew each year. But what I really LOVE most about ISPA is the community of members found within it, all helping each other.

Whether it is motivating remarks from Ella, a quick chat after exhibition hours with Thor, or an inspirational speech from Deborah Szekely, the ISPA community provides real value. I
appreciate the hundreds of connections I’ve made with members and the benefit they have
brought into my life and business. The year I turn 42 years old, I’ll be celebrating my 20 year
ISPA anniversary. I hope to look back at that time and be the one having given back to all of you
after everything you have given me!

Paul Heslop – ISPA Member
Owner & Chief Care Officer of Salt of the Earth

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