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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Secrets to Social Media Success

ISPA asked its members to share their secrets to social media success. Here are three tips from Spa Week to help you get your social media strategy on the right track:
At Spa Week, we constantly strategize ways to reach both current and potential fans and give them what they want. Our readership is mass, and our readers are increasingly tech-savvy and active on multiple social networks and apps. Here are methods we use to reach the maximum amount of social media fans – and to keep them engaged:

1- Keep a steady stream of contests and giveaways available to your social media audience.
At Spa Week, for American Heart Month, we launched our Heart Over Heels giveaway on Facebook, a red-themed giveaway to raise awareness for heart health, with Louboutins as the grand “red” prize. We chose to launch the giveaway on Facebook in an effort to create enough buzz that our contest would receive organic promotion from other sites and social networks, which it did.

2- Vary your social programming to fit the changing needs of your readers and ever-changing settings of social platforms.

We vary our content to focus on what we know will reach the most fans – images, share-worthy quotes, and shared content from other brands that fit our message. To provide our mobile users with better content, we incorporated Instagram into our programming and switched to a mobile-friendly web platform, Wordpress.

3- Integrate your social outlets in a cyclical pattern.

We will direct an email blast to a Facebook tab where readers find an interesting contest or promo. From Facebook, readers find links to our newest content, which then brings them to Spa Week Daily. From there, they’ll find posts about our gift card promotions and events on Spa Week’s main site, and continue to circulate through different content offerings.

Our fans are constantly emailing, commenting, and giving us feedback so that we can tailor our content to them – be it deals on a certain type of treatment, a chat with a certain expert, or tips on a certain topic. We keep a constant flow through our sites and social networks, as well as those of our partners, so that the Spa Week brand becomes a hub that functions like its own social network. By incorporating the above tips into your social media strategy, your brand can, too!

Marissa Gold - ISPA Member
Editorial Director for Spa Week Media

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